Our five great tips to help you prepare for your first virtual day at work.

Onboarding. It’s a good idea to double check with plenty of time around your employer’s plans for onboarding. This includes when you will receive your IT equipment, start and finish times, the plan for your first day etc. Be proactive and get in touch with your new employer if you’re not sure

Start to build relationships from day one. When working remotely, catching up needs to be more intentional. Send a quick hello to teammates or introduce yourself via email – you can even set up time for a virtual coffee.

Ask questions. This shows you are engaging in your new role, and helps you quickly come to grips with anything you’re unsure about.

Adopt a neutral tone and communication style until you get to know how your team communicates. Every workplace is different.

With a small amount of preparation and a proactive attitude, the first day of your new job working remotely should run smoothly – we wish you all the best!

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