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With over 25 years of industry expertise, a strong nationwide network and highly passionate team members, FindStaff is the leading agency for recruitment in the printing, manufacturing, transport and logistics, government, administration and civil sectors.

We are here to help your business find the right hiring solutions based on your staffing needs and business goals. Our team of experienced specialists know the industry inside and out, and can assist your business to grow through strategic short and long-term talent sourcing.

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Our experienced staff, extensive network, industry knowledge and strategic partnerships enable us to deliver a responsive and tailored service that meets your requirements.

Our people-first approach to recruitment ensures our clients receive a quality experience and unmatched results—and that our candidates are provided with support in the search for their dream role.

We aim to be the leading national provider of integrated workforce solutions. Our goal is to support businesses and communities to thrive by enabling workforce participation with skilled and motivated people.

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We pride ourselves on matching quality candidates with their dream roles in a range of industries.

We work with you throughout the job search and application process, providing resources and support to help you secure the role you want.

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Whether you're a business looking for short term or long term staff, or an individual looking to take the next step in your career, we have the skills, experience and networks to help.

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