Reconciliation Action Plan

Building Bridges, Creating Opportunities: Findstaff's Journey to Reconciliation

The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a framework that supports national reconciliation. It helps organizations like Findstaff develop respectful relationships and create opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Findstaff's vision for reconciliation is to collaborate with these communities and create vibrant futures through opportunities and choice. Findstaff established a RAP working group in May 2022, consisting of members with expertise in recruitment, training, and foundation skills programs.

Illustration of three people symbolising community

Community Support

Putting People First


FindStaff is a part of the IntoWork Group – a national leader in specialist recruitment, employment and training services. As a proud community organisation, IntoWork has donated over $4.5 million in grant funding to over 180 community organisations since 2007.

Our people-first approach ensures our clients and the wider community receive a quality experience with unmatched results — and that our people are provided with support in the search for their dream role.

Communication plays a pivotal role in conflict resolution and peacebuilding processes. When conflicts arise, effective communication becomes a powerful tool for understanding diverse perspectives, addressing grievances and fostering reconciliation.

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